Iranian-Canadian Composers of Toronto

Iranian-Canadian Composers of Toronto (ICOT) was founded by five Toronto-based composers and musicians in 2011 with the mission of creating new works that bridge Canadian and Iranian culture through music and art. ICOT is a non-profit art organisation that  has produced over 40 new works since its inception, and has curated or has been involved as featured artists over 35 concerts.


ICOT's five composers are Maziar Heidari (Music Director), Afarin Mansouri Tehrani (Artistic Director), Keyan Emami (President), Pouya Hamidi (Technical Director)  and Saman Shahi (Executive Director). ICOT’s list of creations include two operas (Operatic Narrations of Arash the Archer, Commissioned by Tirgan Festival 2013, and The Journey: Notes of Hope), Two Ballets (5 Tableaux of Khosrow And Shirin, performed by the Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra, and Trio in Cha’argah, both commissioned by the National Ballet of Canada), as well as two orchestral programs (Secret of Solstice, 2014 and Recall the Eden commissioned by the Toronto Orchestra in 2017.)ICOT_205_JM44632a

ICOT has also been featured as guest artists in Hamilton Philharmonic’s What Next new music Festival in 2013, Canadian Music Centre’s 2013 season, North York Arts 2015 Season (Resident Artists), Tirgan Festival 2015 and Nuit Blanche 2012.

ICOT has always been interested in finding and promoting other voices in the contemporary music scene, and as part of that mission ICOT has had two call for scores in the past where new works by ten other composers from across the globe were featured in three different performances in 2015 and 2018.

ICOT’s goal is to reach beyond its current demographic and reach new audiences, through creation of new works and innovative collaborations that can have a meaningful impact on the community at large. 


Afarin Mansouri Tehrani
Artistic Director

Maziar Heidari

Maziar Heidari
Music Director



Keyan Emami



Saman Shahi
Executive Manager



Pouya Hamidi
Technical Director