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ICOT-Perspolis7.smallCall for Scores

July 17, 2014
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Iranian-Canadian Composers of Toronto, (ICOT) is pleased to announce its first call for scores for their performance as part of the Canadian Music Centre’s 13th Winery Piano Series in June of 2015. Composers from across Canada will have the opportunity to have their works performed in this series at the Canadian Music Centre’s National office in June of 2015.

About ICOT:

ICOT is a registered, non-for-profit organization, founded by five Toronto-based composers in 2011 with the mission of creating new works that bridge Canadian and Iranian culture through music and art.In July of 2013, with the financial assistance of the Toronto Arts Council and Tirgan Festival, ICOT brought the “Operatic Narration of Arash the Archer” to the Harbourfront Westjet stage as the grand opening to the Tirgan Festival of Persian culture. The composers appeared on BBC Farsi, attracting intercontinental attention for this project. ICOT’s “Persian Piano Night” was toured around Ontario and Quebec in 2011-12 and was also featured in BBC Farsi programming in 2013. This, and the “New Poetry, New Music” concerts, were ICOT’s first two activities as a professional collective. ICOT appeared as featured guest artists at the 2014 Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra’s “What Next” New Music Festival’s Canadian Mosaic Concert. ICOT was commissioned by The National Ballet Of Canada to write a short ballet work based on the story of Khosrow and Shirin in December 2013. This work was performed by Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra and The You Dance Artists of The National Ballet of Canada in May of 2014. The directors and co-founders of ICOT, who are all active professionals and musicians both nationally and internationally, are Keyan Emami (President), Saman Shahi (Executive Manager), Maziar Heidari (Music Director), Afarin Mansouri (Artistic Director), and Pouya Hamidi (Technical Manager).

Overview of the call:

ICOT is inviting composers to submit works for Solo Piano between 3-6 minutes in length with a related theme to Iran. The jury panel is comprised of members of ICOT as well as other members of the artistic community in Toronto. The jury will select up to two pieces based on the quality and relevance to the project.


The call is open to all professional composers residing in Canada with no age restrictions. Professional in this case refers to a person whose livelihood is primarily supported through the creation and/ or dissemination of (their) music, and has had a track of activities for at least two years. Residency in this case means having lived in Canada for at least 6 consecutive months within the past two years. The works submitted must have a thematic relevance to Iran, Iranian culture, history, art or literature.

Rules and regulations:

1)    Instrumentation: piano solo – no exceptions will be given to works using electronics.
2)    Length: 3-6 minutes
3)    All genres and styles are encouraged, considering that the piece has a theme related to Iran or Iranian culture.
4)    Deadline: 5PM EST October 6th by email.
5)    Application fee: free
6)    Every composer may submit only one piece for this call.
7)    The deadline for submission is Monday October 6th, 2014 at 5PM EST. The submission can only be done electronically via email. See “How to Submit” for more details.
8)    The selected composer(s) will be notified by email roughly two weeks after the submission deadline. There will be a group email afterwards announcing the results officially, as well as an announcement on ICOT’s official website and ICOT’s Facebook page.
9)    Selected composer(s) will be encouraged to attend the performance of their work(s) in June 2015, however this is not mandatory, and will not affect the decision of the jury.
10)   ICOT cannot make any contributions towards the transportation and accommodation of the composer(s) should they need to travel in order to be present at the performance.
11)   Submissions, which do not meet the aforementioned criteria, or submissions with missing or incomplete material will not be considered by the jury.
12)  The date of the performance will be Saturday June 13th 2015 at 5:30PM. The location of the performance will be the Canadian Music Centre’s National office at 20 St. Joseph Street, Toronto, Ontario.

How to Submit:

Please send the following material via email to ICOT’s executive manager at before 5PM EST on Monday October 6th, 2014.

a)     A copy of the score in PDF format
b)     An up to date Curriculum Vitae
c)     An audio sample in mp3 format (optional)
d)     A list of recent performances (optional)

All the questions or concerns can be addressed to