Trio in Chaargah (National Ballet of Canada – educational)


Featuring You dance Dancers and ICOT


17 performances of “Trio in Chaargah” for Tar, Piano and Percussion commissioned by and performed for the The National Ballet of Canada’s YOU dance by the Iranian Canadian Composers of Toronto-ICOT from January until May of 2015.
Maziar Heidari, Piano, Araz Nayeb Pashayi, Percussion, Saman Shahi Tar.
Collaboration with such amazing dancers and the brilliant choreography of Lindsey Fischer.
The National Ballet of Canada, through the YOU Dance program reaches many young kids in schools in different parts of the Greater Toronto Area with art that is normally only affordable by the wealthy, and educates them about the beauty of this art form.
Fun fact: Through 17 performances for different schools, and three live streamed performances, “Trio in Chaargah” was performed for over 10,000 people!

Dates: 17 performances from January 2015 – May 2015
Location:  Betty Oliphant Theatre